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Why doulas are so important...

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

It wasn’t until years after the birth of Jett (10) that I realised I was suffering from trauma related to his birth. I couldn’t talk about it without crying. When I processed those feelings and began to heal, it became clear.. it wasn’t the outcome of the birth (csection) that was traumatic. It was how I felt from the moment I went into labour.... scared, panicked, overwhelmed, out of control, on a long turning roller coaster that someone else was steering. I had read the books, watched the videos.... why was my natural birth dream over before it even began?! Why was my birth happening to me. With me along for the ride? I had my mum with me. My partner at the time. But no one who had ever supported a birthing woman. No one who truly, intrinsically knew what I needed and how to provide it. I needed a doula and I didn’t even know what a doula was. The worth of a doula is often not known or realised until after your birth.. or until you don’t have one. Yes your partner/mum is incredible,they love you! But have they ever supported a birthing woman? Do they know how to ground you in an energy so delicate it’s almost indescribable? If you feel like you need more support through one of the most life changing experiences ever... becoming a mother whether for the first or fifth time... let’s chat. Continuity of care from an experienced birth worker throughout your entire pregnancy and labour is worth every cent I promise. Now taking late 2020 bookings 💜

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