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Homebirth After 2 Caesareans: an unforgettable experience

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

That moment when you ACE your home water birth after two caesareans and make it look easy. This is one FIERCE, STRONG, EMPOWERED, AMAZING goddess warrior mama.

T, from the moment I stepped into your home at our first prenatal I felt the loving magic energy of your beautiful family and my birth nerd brain melted at the thought of a healing vbac2 in this epic space!

And epic you were! I am so proud of you! Everything was loving magic from the pottering in the garden at sunset as we hip circled and ate sour grass. Your beautiful mini doula Miss Eden handed you flowers and sung to me about her pet chickens. Inside the intoxicating smell of clary sage and the mesmerising sounds of mediation flutes were instantly calming and you got into your zone,lovely labour land quickly. Your babes were so patient and loving and full of questions as they watched with awe and wonder and Jason was stoic and gentle, holding space and massaging like a pro. Labouring in the warm pool as darkness fell and the children settled, you were every inch amazing. A stunning vision of calm, serenity, power, womanhood, mama-bear and magic as you went to the stars to bring forth your newest babe. And then, she was earthside.

I feel your healed heart on a soul level and I couldn’t be prouder of how you lived your best life, owning that journey, calling the shots and birthing on your terms! Family goals! A HOMEBIRTH AFTER TWO CAESAEREANS! Yeah you did! 💪


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