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Placenta Encapsulation

I always say when a baby is born a mother is born too. Those early days can be tough as you find your feet as a parent. It is super important to have plenty of support. This is where Placenta Encapsulation can help you!

“I am so glad I had Placenta Encapsulation done! Compared to my first birth and recovery, I’m feeling so much more rested, well in myself and with more energy. Love how you kept in contact the whole time and were so prompt in getting the capsules back to me” – Claire Foster

Perth’s best and most experienced Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.

Over 700 placentas encapsulated! Don’t leave your amazing placenta with just anyone. I go above and beyond to honour your incredible placenta with safety & hygiene first. 


Placenta Encapsulation is the method of dehydrating the placenta straight after birth and putting it into pills for the new mother to ingest. It is becoming increasingly popular and I believe it is one the most beneficial things you can do for yourself after giving birth. When speaking to others, if you even mention ‘placentophagy’ as it’s scientifically known, you could have them gagging and screwing up their noses. It can be a little bit “out there” for some! We have to move past that though because once you know the benefits of ingesting your placenta you’ll know that it is the best decision you can make for your post birth care!
Placentophagy is often joked about or even labeled as cannibalism particularly in western cultures. What those people don’t realize is that placentas have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since the 1500s, which is longer than modern medicine has existed!!
Placenta consumption has continued due to the belief of an abundance of great properties and the fantastic healing power of the placenta.
The placenta is a rich source of nutrients, hormones, proteins, vitamins and haemoglobin. The hormones begin to be produced around week 6 of pregnancy. The hormonal levels continually increase during pregnancy, and by the third trimester there are 3 times the normal level of hormones in a pregnant woman’s system.
When your baby is born, these hormone levels drop so that by day 4 or 5 after birth your hormone levels will have plummeted back to preconception levels. This is a huge fluctuation going from 3 times the normal level to below normal hormonal level!! This is where the balancing properties of ingesting the placenta will work. You’ll ingest all those awesome hormones again… Easing your postpartum woes and making a huge difference to your mental health, recovery and well-being.

May increase breast milk production
May decrease the chances of developing the baby blues and postnatal depression
May replenish essential nutrients such as iron, vitamin B6, amino acids and essential fats
May minimisie postnatal bleeding and help the uterus return back to its pre-pregnancy state
May replenish essential hormones such as oxytocin and CRH (stress reducer)
May help to reduce stress levels, leaving mothers feeling calmer
Can help give the mother the energy needed to cope with a new baby

Can decrease the incidence of iron deficiency
Will a woman’s body and spirit to quickly return to vibrant health after giving birth


OXYTOCIN –The ‘love’ hormone, creates feelings of bonding, happiness and pain relief
 CORTISONE- Eases stress and unlocks the body’s energy stores
 INTERFERON- Stimulates the immune system to help fight off infection
 PROSTAGLANDINS –Acts as an anti-inflammatory
 HAEMOGLOBIN- Replenishes iron and also stimulates iron production in the blood
 UROKINASE INHIBITING FACROR & FACTOR XIII- Lessens bleeding and promotes faster healing
 PROLACTIN- Stimulates and promotes healthy lactation (milk supply)

Ideally, the placenta preparation takes place as soon as possible after your baby is born, within the first 48 hours, allowing you and bub to benefit from the most potency the placenta has to offer.
First of all, make sure your birth team is aware of your decision to encapsulate. Directly after the birth, the placenta should be placed in an enclosed container and refrigerated. Please make sure your intended place of birth will put it in a plastic container or if you need to bring your own, and whether you will need to take an esky/cooler bag with you.
It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours. If you know ahead of time that it will not be prepared within that time frame, it is best to place straight into the freezer.
More often than not I am available to start the process within the first 24 hours. Please note that some hospitals will hold the placenta for 24 hours after birth before releasing it – please CLICK HERE

for the hospital policies to check what is required of you at your place of birth.

I do charge a fee to come and collect the placenta from your place of birth, alternatively the placenta can be brought to me by your partner/husband/doula/friend as soon as possible after the birth – please CLICK HERE for the list of areas I service and collection fees.
Once I receive your placenta, the MAGIC happens!
The whole process takes about 24 hours and ideally begins within the first 12 – 48 hours after the birth. The first stage is the preparing and dehydrating, and the second stage is the encapsulating.

I offer different methods of encapsulation:

The Traditional Chinese Method (TCM ) $300 : Your placenta is lovingly cleaned and prepared before being gently steamed with nourishing ginger & myrrh, then it is slowly dehydrated, ground into a fine powder and then placed into capsules.

The Raw Preparation Method $275: is identical to that of TCM, except there is no steaming of the placenta.

I also offer Half & Half preparation $290: Half of the placenta is prepared using the TCM method and the other half using the raw method. Some women prefer the TCM capsules first for hormone stabilization and then the Raw capsules later for an energy boost.

Once the placenta has been encapsulated using vegetarian capsules they are stored in a BPA-free, amber coloured, sealed jar with a dessicant pack to absorb any moisture. Your capsules look like any other capsule, pill or vitamin! No one will know that the little magic beans are placenta!

Your capsules will either be personally delivered back to you, or express posted to you. The process is completed in the shortest time possible, so you can begin taking the capsules as soon as possible to receive the maximum postnatal benefits!!

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