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Care Providers

There are main two types of medical care providers in pregnancy and labour - Midwives and Obstetricians.


Midwives are registered maternity health professionals who specialize in normal pregnancy and birth. They are qualified to care for the majority of women throughout the childbirth experience, providing all antenatal care, care in labour and birth, and postnatal care up to six weeks after the birth. Even if you are deemed ‘high risk’ much of your care in labour will be with a midwife by your side.

The World Health Organisation states that ‘Midwives are the most appropriate primary health care provider to be assigned the care of normal birth’.


Obstetricians are specialists at caring for women when the pregnancy or birth is high risk (anything other than normal). If you are planning a caeserean birth you will require an Obstetrician as this surgery is not done by midwives.

We are so lucky to have so many awesome Privately Practising Midwives available in Western Australia.

An Independent Midwife (IM) is a midwife who is in private practice and is not linked or governed by a hospital or the Community Midwifery Program, although some IM’s may have birthing rights at some hospitals.

When you choose an IM, you will have all your antenatal appointments with your IM at your home or at their place of business as mutually agreed. You will see the same midwife for the whole of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period, therefore having the benefits of continuity of care and they will also have a back up midwife who they work with in case they are sick or not able to attend your birth due to special circumstances, who will also be at your birth to support your midwife.

Your midwife may also be eligible for the Medicare rebate scheme, which means you will be able to claim the Medicare rebate for your antenatal visits and maybe even a portion of your birth.

This is something that you can find out when you meet potential midwives for your pregnancy, labour and birth.

I have put this list together of Privately Practising Midwives based in Western Australiato help you with your research. These women are all amazing and all have excellent skills and experience and are truly focused on supporting you through a normal, physiological birth but more importantly your wants and needs for a positive, calm birth experience.

If there is anyone that you know that is not on here then please let me know so that I can add them.

Midwives & OB's: About

Independent Midwives

Perth & Surrounds

Vanessa Butera – Simply Midwifery

Clare Davison - Calmic Birth

Naomi Newman – Calmic Birth Services

Kathleen Johnson – Earthside Midwifery

Melissa Buck – Midwives Perth

Peta Bissett – Hand in Hand Midwives

Marilyn Allen – The Waiting Room

Liza Kennedy – Fremantle Pregnancy Hub

Louise Pattison – HeartSwells Midwifery

Sunshine “Sunny” Walker – Journey of Birth

Sarah Nicholls -Babymoon Events

Norafiah Lever -The Art of Birth

Patricia Stratton

Claire White -Blooming Bumps

Midwives & OB's: Training
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